RS is a communication agency that handles branding & design, digital media and print - efficiently and progressively. For leading companies, mainly in the healthcare sectors and the B2B, the treatment has proven to be effective.

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Most of our work is confidential. Please call us for the full story.

Balanced communication

Talent and experience are the active ingredients at RS Communication, and high quality output is the norm. RS’ work stands out due to a variety of ingredients: distinctive concepts, creative execution and high-tech ingredients that boost sales. RS works with its own experienced in-house team, and - where needed – other creative specialists are pulled in from the RS network

Prescription for a refreshing approach

RS is the best therapy for communication projects that need greater effectiveness. The agency’s core talent is in creating clear, effective communications around complex subjects - the type you typically find in pharma, chemical and high tech sectors. We like to create a comfort zone and spoil you with our strategic, creative and technological communication tasks - a powerful investment in long term-brand health.

Dosage and method of administration

RS ensures that the right levels of creativity, efficiency, effort and costs are applied. The exact dosage is tailor-made per task. The agency administers refreshing ideas that perfectly fit business challenges. Regular intake ensures long-lasting effects on business growth. Your brand will shine among the others and keep its appeal for years.

Long-term relieve

Side effects of RS Communications include repeatedly positive feedback. Clients start to be addicted to talking directly with the actual people working on their projects. This way of working makes the process more productive and is the most cost-effective. As you can see in the portfolio, we like to build long-term relationships. Every client becomes a client for years.